All The Accessories You Can Get For The Renault Triber

The Renault Triber for sale arrived in India in 2019 and the model turned out to be quite the game-changer given its unique positioning. The MPV is the country's most affordable multi-seater and impresses with its clever packaging despite the subcompact size. The Triber also looks good, is efficient, and packs a frugal, if not very powerful 1.0-litre petrol engine under the bonnet. The MPV has found quite a few takers and Renault is offering plenty of accessories to further make the model more exciting for buyers.

The Renault Triber gets four accessory packs, which can be fitted at the dealer level. Alternatively, buyers can purchase standalone accessories that include cosmetic garnish as well as essential feature additions. Here's a look at the accessories on offer.

1. SUV Pack

The Renault Triber's styling is half battle one for the automaker with its rugged appeal. The MPV gets a more SUV-like stance rather than a run-of-the-mill MPV, and buyers can build on this with the SUV Pack. The accessories pack adds exterior elements like body side cladding, bumper garnish, spoiler, and more for a more rugged visual look.

  • Body Side Cladding
  • Rear Bumper Cladding with Red Garnish
  • Spoiler
  • Fender Cladding

2. Chrome Pack

Many buyers love chrome and the Chrome Pack on the Triber adds the much-loved bling on the MPV. Accessories include chrome garnish on the grille, door handles, headlamp, window frame, taillights and tailgate, ORVMs, as well as the gear bezel.
  • Chrome Door Handle
  • Front Grille Chrome Garnish
  • Headlamp Chrome
  • Tailgate Chrome
  • Tail Lamp Chrome Window Frame Kit Roof Lamp Kit
  • Window Frame Kit
  • Roof Lamp Chrome
  • Gear Bezel Chrome
  • ORVM Chrome

3. Urban Pack

Renault is offering some nifty features with the Urban Pack on the Triber including a front parking sensor, illuminated scuff plate, ORVM blinkers, ambient lighting and more. The feature addition does spruce up the value quotient on the car, bringing a more premium feel.

  • Front Parking Sensor
  • Illuminated Scuff Plate
  • ORVM Blinker
  • 3D Floor Mat
  • Ambient Lighting

4. Essential Pack

The Triber's Essential Pack is the most useful and should be considered by several buyers. The pack includes a car cover, mud flap, carpet mat and more. Do remember that all the accessories are fitted at the dealer level on the vehicle.

  • Car Cover
  • Mud Flap
  • Carpet Mat
  • Bumper Corner Protector

Assorted Accessories

Beyond the accessories packs, Renault offers a host of assorted accessories on the Triber. Most notably, this includes alloy wheels with inserts, body graphics, door visors, roof carrier, bumper corner protector, body side cladding and more. You also get an illuminated logo, illuminated gear knob, puddle lamp, designer floor mats, as well as an IRVM back cover. The French automaker also retails vinyl seat covers for the Triber with different style options.

  • Alloy Wheels - with colour-based inserts
  • Body Graphics - Criss Cross/Triangles/Gradient
  • Bumper Corner Protector (with Black/Chrome Inserts)
  • Car Cover
  • Mud Flaps
  • Fender Cladding
  • Body Side Cladding
  • Illuminated Scuff Plate
  • ORVM Blinker
  • Illuminated Logo
  • Illuminated Gear Knob
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Carpet/PVC/3D Floor Mat
  • Trunk Mat
  • IRVM Back Cover
  • Vinyl Seat Cover

PRO TIP: Buy a used Renault Triber for sale and add accessories to get the best Triber at the best price possible.
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